ChalkToss | More than a School Management Software

1. Attendance Record Just in A Few Clicks Attendance management is an important part of the school management system. We can eliminate the old manual method by using the attendance module in the school management software. The application is designed to maintain the accurate status of each student for the whole academic year. Teachers can mark attendance in just a few clicks. This is much faster, accurate, and saves extra time and effort that will generally go in marking the attendance manually. Marking previous date attendance is allowed and the future is not allowed for disciplinary reasons. Writing reports to the parents can be done by a lesser time frame. Students can only view their attendance details from their dashboard. Maintaining attendance for large and tiny schools is the basic need, software coming at the affordable rate with the support of flexibility makes this commendable.

2. Your Growth Chart

The application can generate report cards with just a single click. This module allows the teachers to enter the subject wise marks obtained by each student and based on the exam grading rule system automatically generates the grade for the marks obtained.

Teachers can perform a detailed analysis of a student based on their past performance and thus reduces the work burden on making consolidated sheets and producing results cards. Thus saving schools the time and effort of storing, saving, organizing these documents, and making it easier and faster than ever to retrieve the information when needed.

This paperless solution helps save school time as well as money, rather than investing your valuable time at the end of the academic year on the same concerns.

3. Transport Student’s safety is the topmost priority of any educational institute. Many times, schools or any other educational institutes are required to keep faultless records of all the data.

The online school management software helps the management at a school efficiently manage transport options to and from the school and can maintain vehicle/route information such as routing and stops, vehicle number, student allotment, fee details, and more. Thus ensures the security of all the students.

4. Easy access to the syllabus

No need to ask your teachers for syllabus. Our online school management software provides a detailed document including class-wise syllabus, course schedule and other information students may need.

With this application students can download the uploaded syllabus files in a faster and easier manner and also prepare for their studies in advance.

5. Go-Live Module

Conduct live webinars and classes with Go-Live in minutes. A platform that digitally replicates classroom sessions for teachers and students. Allow students to attend live classes in the comfort of their homes. Go-Live Module increase learner engagement with real-time audio-video.

The application also allows the students to ask a question in the middle of class by one click. Teachers get notified and answer queries of the students in real time. An invitation link can also be sent to any social media platform which helps the students who are unaware of the session. 6. Online Chatting:

Small talk can eat up most of your time. Avoid physical meetings & use our let’s chat to connect. Schools are provided this facility using which school management can interact with teachers and vice versa.

Our chatting solution enables the communication between Teachers and Staff, also able to create a group to support the development of the whole student; their academic growth, extracurricular involvement, and wellbeing.

Logs are composed of log entries; each entry contains information related to a specific event that has occurred within a system or network. Thus ensure secure chat.

7. Calendar

Defining your school timelines has never been simpler! Our school management software lets you plan, simplify, streamline all of your school’s calendars with this intuitive module.

The calendar allows teachers and principals to create, edit, and view school-related events, activities, exams or competitions, occasions, allocate holidays and do much more and can also send invitations to all students, classes, or a selected group. Chalk Toss calendar helps the students to remember all the events such as science exhibition, annual day celebrations, sports day, field trips, and more.

8. Notice Schools who are interested in improving communication have a choice to make in how they can set up their system.

Online notice management by Chalk Toss a leading school management software allows administration, staff and teachers for posting important notices to school online notice board instantly which can be seen easily by students such as for incoming events, exhibition pictures, exam schedules, holiday notice, assignment submission date, academic report cards, grading, result out, transportation details, class timetable section wise, trip, tours, health camps and many more.

9. EdEx Card No more waiting in queues for fees payment. Ensure secure fee payment and get rid of fee receipts with our smart EdEx card.

EdEx Card will be handover to all the parents through which they will pay their child’s expenses. This helps parents to keep track of any expenses like admission fee, Tuition fee, summer camp charge, computer class fee at one place.

Minimal annual card charges are applied for disciplinary reasons. EMI option is available and Automated EMI payment can also be enabled which releases the stress which exists in remembering to pay monthly school fees and in maintain the records of fee receipts.